Wonder WebQuest – In my newest WebQuest, wonder-coverstudents will get to know R.J. Palacio and learn more about the creation of her book, Wonder. They will also learn more about facial differences and explore themes from the novel. Students will complete a number of tasks, separated by topic, and ultimately create a Public Service Announcement that shares a lesson they learned from the novel. As students progress through the tasks, they will complete my Explore the World of Wonder packet. This WebQuest was designed to be used AFTER reading the novel. This HERE to read my post about this WebQuest.

French and Indian War WebQuest – Students use this WebQuest to explore the French and Indian War. Each Task focuses on a different aspect of the war and requires students to include certain information on a paper square. Students complete nine squares and ultimately complete a French and Indian War quilt. Rubric is included.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 4.58.46 PMDr. Seuss WebQuest – I created this for National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss Day). Tasks requires students to research Dr. Seuss and practice technological skills in Microsoft Word. Students learn about Dr. Seuss in Task 1, explore books written by Dr. Seuss for Task 2, meet the imaginative Dr. Seuss characters and ultimately create a character of their own in Task 3. Click HERE to view my post on this WebQuest for more detailed information.

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