5th Grade Reading Strategies

I created the following reading log and reading strategies guide for my 5th grade students to use for their evening reading assignments. Feel free to download and use with your own class. Click on the image to download via Dropbox.

Student Reading Strategies Form


Student Reading Log

Students circle one of the three strategies in the final box. If they choose visualization, they draw a picture in the box, along with a short response.


Have your students write the page range they are assigned to read ahead of time. They will fill in the # of minutes it took them to read that section in the “# min” field. I included this field to monitor student reading rate.

The reading strategies form I created was adapted from Mendhamboro.org for use in my classroom.

Teacher Hack: Mystery Skype Wall Map

Keep track of your Mystery Skype visits with a Mystery Skype wall map in your classroom.


Last year, I wanted to keep track of my 5th grade Mystery Skype visits with a large wall map, but I didn’t want it to be a costly expenditure. I created the above map (3ft by 2ft) by using just what was available in my classroom. As we visited different states, we highlighted it on the map and added a flag, labeling the city and state. It was an easy way to keep track of our visits, and we were easily able to add multiple flags within the same state.

Click HERE to print a large map. I chose the 3 x 3 “USA continental” map and then drew an outline of Canada and Mexico. I then printed Alaska and Hawaii separately and added them to the map. The link I provided also offers a printable USA map with Alaska and Hawaii included if you’d prefer it. I chose the former because it allowed me to include bodies of water and adjacent countries.

Mystery Skype Wall Map Flag.jpg

Regular school glue will dry white, and I didn’t have any problems with it holding the eraser flag while it hung on the wall.