Wonder WebQuest for 5th and 6th Graders

Wonder WebQuest

EXPLORE THE WORLD OF WONDER using a WebQuest that I created for my class.

Purpose: In this WebQuest, students will get to know R.J. Palacio and learn more about the creation of her book, Wonder. They will also learn more about facial differences and explore themes in the novel. Students will complete a number of tasks, separated by topic, and ultimately create a Public Service Announcement that shares a lesson they learned from the novel. As students progress through the tasks, they will complete the Explore the World of Wonder packet.

Below is an overview of the objectives in the Wonder WebQuest. Click on the images to explore the tasks further within the WebQuest.

Task 1:

Wonder WebQuest Task 1

In this task, students will…

  1. watch a video interview with R.J. Palacio.
  2. read an article about the author
  3. visit R.J. Palacio’s blog to read her response to a Thank You from a fan
Task 2:

Wonder WebQuest Task 2

In Task 2, students will…

  1. read a letter from a 5th grader who R.J. Palacio calls her “real-life Auggie”.
  2. watch a video called Imagine This: A World Without Bullies from the Children’s Craniofacial Association.
  3. visit the Children’s Craniofacial Association website and research two syndromes of choice.
Task 3:

Wonder WebQuest Task 3

The 3rd task requires students to…

  1. review the definition of theme in literature.
  2. explore the main themes of Wonder by clicking on an interactive image.
  3. read a list of quotes from Wonder and choose a favorite.
  4. decide whether they’d like to take the pledge to CHOOSE KIND.
Task 4 / Final Challenge:

Final Wonder WebQuest Challenge

In the 4th Task, students will…

  1. watch three PSA examples and determine the message shared in each.
  2. determine a message to share from Wonder.
  3. determine how to best share that message in a PSA.
  4. determine a call to action.
  5. plan and film their own PSA.

Click HERE to view and download the packet that goes along with the WebQuest.

I created this WebQuest to use over the first few days of school since my students read Wonder over the summer. Last year this novel let to such great discussions and set us up for a great year. We continued to discuss the novel as issues came up in class; so many 5th grade troubles can be related to the events in the novel. We will use the Explore the World of Wonder packet during discussions that follow the completion of the WebQuest, and the PSAs will be shared with the class. After watching the PSAs we will develop our class mission statement and discuss how the PSA messages fit into the expectations in our school and classroom. I’m looking forward to using this WebQuest for the first time next week!

One thought on “Wonder WebQuest for 5th and 6th Graders

  1. I just commented elsewhere on your site, but saw the comment button below. My name is Jenny Danaher and I will be teaching 5th grade for the first time this upcoming school year. I see your site will be so helpful as I navigate this change. I have been a Reading Specialist for the last ten years. I am writing you to ask permission to use your Webquest on the book Wonder. I have always loved this book and the message it sends. I am working on my Master’s in Educational Technology and one of my classes this summer assigned us to locate a Webquest, download it, and change it. We must get author permission first. It will strictly be used for my class, not posted on the web. My email is ibjoyful13@gmail.com. If you agree, please send me a note in my email granting permission.
    Thanks so much!


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