Fav Tools

These are my favorite websites to use with my class. I find them to be easy-to-use, helpful, educational tools. My students have an account for each site, and we use them all throughout the school-year.


Free or $24.99/yr for unlimited media uploads.

 Kidblog ScreenshotI introduce a class blog at the beginning of the school year. We use this space to write and express ourselves.  Sometimes students are given prompts to guide their writing or they are asked to write a post to reflect on something we’ve learned in class. Students are also welcome to free write or write about something for which they have a personal interest.  We write, reflect and comment on one another’s work.  This blog is an excellent way for us to communicate and get to know each other better.  We also post the homework to the blog each day and it’s a platform for my flip videos. Check out my posts about KidBlog to learn more about this excellent educational tool.

How to Launch KidBlog Successfully – with Downloadable PPT



Quizlet ScreenshotQuizlet is an excellent study tool.  I use this website to help students study vocabulary, geography and science terms. Study sets are easy to create and share with students.

 Voki Classroom


Voki Screenshot

In my class, Vokis are, at times, used as an alternative to a written paragraph. Instead of writing a response and handing it in on paper, students will create a Voki (an animation) and program its speech.


Free for 10 activities.

Kubbu Screenshot

This website enables a teacher to create games, puzzles and quizzes that can be completed online.  You may use this website to complete homework assignments or quizzes in class.

 Google Drive



 As a teacher, this is my most-used tool. I utilize Google Forms frequently. You can create tests, quizzes, assignments, flip video responses, etc. using Google Forms. When students complete (paper free) assignments in Drive, you can easily and quickly provide feedback. I grade much faster and provide much better feedback by utilizing the comments in Google Docs. This is also an excellent collaboration tool. Students can share work with one another and work on an assignment simultaneously. The teacher may also do the same. My students love using Drive. Added bonus – once students have a Drive account, they also have an online portfolio! Their work stays organized in folders within the program. This is a valuable tool worth checking out. It’s an absolute must if you have 1-to-1 laptops in your classroom. Check out my posts about Drive to learn more about this excellent educational tool.

Teacher’s Guide to Google Forms: Introduction

Do you have a website that you use with students in the classroom? Help your teacher friends out and post any and all recommendations in the comment section below.

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