Wednesday Haiku: SLEEP


Sleep. Something I enjoy more than anyone I know, yet throughout my life, I’ve gone through bouts of insomnia. Laying in bed trying to wish myself to sleep is the most irritating feeling, the absolute opposite of the euphoric sleep heaven I wish to enter. And that’s exactly what I did last night – layed in bed for hours, wishing myself to sleep, trying anything possible to shut my mind OFF. I’ve reached moments when I remained awake in bed so long that I said “screw it”, got up and got productive. Last night, I was so tired and determined to sleep, to melt into my bed and drift off into my weightless world. The last time the light from the alarm clock assaulted my eyes was at 4:02am, and I’m sure I fell asleep shortly after. Those two and half hours of sleep were glorious. Ah to feel weightless, suspended and untroubled, free of conscious thought. 

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