4 State Capital Videos for 5th Grade Geography

I use the following videos when covering the state capitals in my 5th grade classroom. Since I have a class blog (KidBlog), I post a video each week to keep this content fresh and exciting. My students with strong musical intelligences eat this up, but the videos are enjoyed by all. Here they are, in the order that I share them.

1. Wakko’s 50 State Capitals with Lyrics

2. Tour the States

3. State Capitals and Abbreviations Rap

4. States and Capitals Song by Musical Stew

These videos help make geography more appealing. For some students it helps with memorization. For others, it simply helps to make the material more engaging. We watch a new video each Monday and have a good time. As I mentioned, I also choose to post the video on the blog each Monday so they can rewatch it as they’d like. The Animaniacs video has been a favorite, and students voluntarily learn the song. Last year, my 5th grade class even opted to perform it as a group at our talent show!

Do you have a video that you like to use with your class? Post the link below!

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