5th Grade Picture Book Recommendation: Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

imgresMy students loved this book. Most of all, they enjoyed the pictures and making predictions about what happened to the boys and their dog at the end of the novel. We read this book twice; my students requested that it be read again during a visit from the kindergarten class. This book was great for my class and we were able to have wonderful discussions about it. However, I’d say there are many better books for the kindergarten level. They were left thinking, “huh?!”

In 5th grade classrooms, you can use this book to practice making predictions. The pictures in this book are fun, and my kiddos had a blast guessing what would happen next. This is a quick read aloud and well worth the time to share it with your class.

About the Book

imagesThis book just came out in 2014 and has received a lot of positive attention and recognition. It’s about two boys, Sam and Dave, who, along with their dog, head out on an adventure to find something “spectacular”. The illustrations show the boys digging, and the reader has the benefit of seeing what’s hidden in the earth (jewels!). The boys come so close to discovering the jewels but narrowly miss them each time. My kiddos were hollering, “It’s right there!” and, “Don’t change directions!” as we read the book. Throughout the book, you root for Sam and Dave to find the “spectacular” they are after, but they are clueless and continue to dig in different directions before tiring out. imgres-1The dog, who seemed to know about the jewels all along, digs for a bone when the boys rest, and DOWN, DOWN, DOWN they fall. They land in a yard that looks like their own, BUT if you look closely, you will see several differences. Are they back home? Where are they? That’s the fun for you to discuss with your class!

Here is a fun post about 6 theories on the ending of Sam and Dave Dig a Hole.

Click here to read reviews on the author’s website.

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