What Really Matters to Students: A Connection

When we feel overwhelmed or put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be perfect as close to perfect as possible (as many of us young teachers do), remember what really matters. When it comes down to it, students remember the relationships we build, whether we listen, our kindness, our willingness to help and make ourselves available.

Figuring my students out, what drives them and how I can help develop their love of learning is what drives me. And the relationships that I build with my students help to get them invested in their education. So, it’s through relationships that I’m able to make the greatest impact as a teacher. For the most part, when students see that someone makes time for them and truly cares for them, they want to do well. They become more motivated, listen more intently and respond respectfully.


My friend posted this “Dear Young Teacher Down the Hall” letter by Lori Gard to Facebook yesterday, and I felt it was worth a share here. I like Lori’s post and her recommendations for “being” over “doing” because BEING has a greater, lasting impact on students. We must remember to BE.


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