Evaluating Technology Integration: Ready to Use Checklist (adapted from informED post)

First, read the post When Not to Use Technology: 15 Things That Should Stay Simple In Education from informED.  If you like it, you may like to use the checklist I created from Saga Briggs’ suggestions.

We tend to notice the extremes, those who want nothing to do with technology and those who dive in head first and crowbar it into every lesson and project. There is a happy medium. Many of us may feel we’ve found this cozy place, but the informED post is a nice reminder to be mindful of technology integration and make sure it is the best medium before embarking on a project. As I mentioned in my last post, technology itself is a motivator for many students, but we should always check to make sure we are creating purposeful projects.

Do you have a new project to evaluate or would you like to reevaluate a project you’ve done in the past? Use this checklist to help determine if technology is warranted or not.

Should Technology Be Used For This (2)

Use this checklist to evaluate whether your tech integration in purposeful and beneficial. Click the image to print.

Thank you, Saga Briggs for a well-informed and useful post, and for the constructive reminder to keep it simple!

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