Absolutely Almost Class Resources

Yesterday, I posted a guide to use with the novel Absolutely Almost. I’m starting this read aloud with my 5th grade class tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see how my kiddos receive this novel. I loved it, but I’m curious to see if this novel is actually better received by adults than children. Kids are so used to action-packed, plot driven novels like this one. Which makes me want to use this book even more! Students need to hear Albie’s story, and I think delivering it as a read aloud is the perfect way to present it. Without constant action, I speculate that many of my students would want to put this book down if they were reading it independently.  However, as a read aloud, I think they’ll be able to get engrossed in Albie’s character. This novel allows the reader to hear Albie’s internal story, reflect with him and go along with him as he discovers who he is. Hopefully, this will also teach students to appreciate character-driven books. I hope this book is as big a hit in my classroom as I believe it can be. We’ll see! 

I’ve created a few more resources to use as I read this book aloud. Feel free to use them.

Protagonist Character Web


I plan to use the Protagonist Character Web throughout the novel. We’ll identify traits, important actions and sayings as we read the novel. I have a jumbo web that hands on the wall; I complete it along with my students.

Albie’s “Helpful Hints” Fun Printable for Students

prettykind copy

Albie’s last helpful hint to Betsy put a huge smile on my face. This was probably my favorite event in the novel. I think all my students are pretty great they way they are too, so to have a little fun, I plan to cut these out and sneak them in their desks after we read that chapter.

Supporting Character Character Web

supportingweb copy

The character web above would be best used for Albie’s father or Calista. Throughout the novel, students identify traits and provide evidence.

If you’d like to use any of the above resources, click HERE to download the document through GoogleDocs. The formatting looks off in the preview (this happens frequently with uploads to Drive), but everything will look good after downloading.

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